Friday, October 5, 2007

Wintergreen Ornament

I was asked to come and teach a craft for the Parkland Head Injury Association. This is a group that provides support for families and people who have sustained brain injuries, so I had to say yes to such a wonderful group!

I am told there will be about 25 people there, so I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a craft that 25 people can do with the supplies I have (it's difficult to share one stamp set with that many people). So after looking around at Splitcoast Stampers and at many, many blogs, I found several of these ornaments and decided this would be a great craft!

I found the clear plastic ornament at Michael's (I was hoping for glass, but they didn't have any in yet). I cut some double-sided designer paper (Wintergreen, of course!) into 6 x 3/4" strips and curled the strips around a pencil. I placed these in the ornament, added some glitter (I think I'll use "snow" for the craft though - it will show up better) and closed it up. Then I tied some silver elastic cord through the hole in the top and some burgundy ribbon around that. Voila! Quick and simple!

Hopefully the group will like this! I thought I would just have some trays with a whole bunch of different paper strips that they can choose from and curl up for their ornaments.


Anonymous said...

Cute idea, Shannon! Great project for so many people. We have a hard time sharing 1 stamp set with 4, let alone 20+ people.

jodene said...

Super wonderful!!

Corie said...

This is such a cute idea, they will love it.

Crafty in Calgary said...

What a wonderful project- I am sure they will love it!