Saturday, October 13, 2007

An Accident and Some Retail Therapy

I had a horrible day today! I was delivering an order in Edmonton, and the traffic was awful. (I don't go into the city very often because I hate driving in all that traffic!) There was construction and three lanes had to funnel down to one lane for several blocks. So what should have taken half an hour took almost an hour and a half. So I decided to take a different route home.

Well, on that route, there were two motorcycles right in front of me when the traffic light turned yellow. One of the cyclists stopped, but the other went through the light and was hit by a truck that was turning left. He hit the pavement and his helmet shattered. The truck driver stopped, as did lots of other cars, and people rushed to see him and make sure he was alright. He was lying on the road, not moving and his eyes were closed. Scariest thing I've ever seen. I just gasped and stopped!

Several people called 911 and I knew help was on the way, so I drove off a bit to clear the road, as traffic was completely stopped in all four directions. I found a police officer a few blocks ahead who was dealing with another accident (busy day!). I stopped and explained to him what had happened (several ambulances and rescue vehicles came by as I was talking to him, heading towards the accident). So I filled out an accident report for the officer. He was on his radio as I was doing this, and he told me that the motorcyclist had a broken leg, but otherwise he was going to be alright. Praise the Lord! I got back into my van, and I was just shaking from all the adrenaline. That was the most horrible thing I've ever witnessed. I'm so glad he's going to be alright.

So I called my husband, and he told me to go sit and have a coffee somewhere before I drove home since I was so shaky. Well, I found a scrapbooking store very close by (luckily!), and I went to town! Isn't retail therapy amazing!? Here's a photo of my goodies:

They had a deal on where if you buy 10 scrapbook papers, 2 sticker sheets and a container of embellishments (all American Crafts), you got a $35 gift pack for free that included two spools of ribbon, a container of embellies, a pink marker, a package of rub-ons, buttons and brads*. How could I pass that up? (I'm going to include some of my goodies in my blog candy for 10 000 hits, so stay tuned!) Well, shopping calmed my nerves, so I headed home and hugged my DH!

Tonight I plan to catch up on some card-making when the kids go to bed since that's therapeutic as well! I'll post some new cards tomorrow for you. Thanks for reading, and remember to hug someone you love today. Life is short.

*This was at the Urban Scrapbook in Edmonton, so if you're in the area, you may want to take advantage!


Jules said...

That was a horrible accident! Oh, I am glad that he only had a broken leg. I am glad that you found a stamping/scrapbooking store!

Anonymous said...

What a CRAZY day for you! So glad that he was okay and GREAT that you found a way to calm your nerves! ;) I couldn't pass up that deal either!

Tejal said...

I so much agree with you...retail therapy is so darn's a wonder your DH folks go bonkers..why do you have to spend...whenever my nerves are frayed or when things get too bad, i just head myself a couple of stamps, few papers, one chocolate brownie..and calms me down..

SO envious of your stash...wonderful buy..

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the retail therapy!! That is a sweet haul! Hooray for you!!
Debbie J.