Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To My Dad

It has been ten years today that my dad passed away from colon cancer. His passing has gotten easier as the years have gone by, but this year seems particularly difficult. Ten years seems like such a long time to be without him, but it has gone so quickly. It feels like he was here only yesterday.

I was blessed to have two wonderful parents who loved each other and my sister and me, and who spent lots of time with us growing up. My dad was always involved in our sports activities and our school work. He encouraged us to always try our best, be honest, be on time as a courtesy to others, and to honour our commitments.

My favourite memory of my dad is just a few weeks before he died. He was in bed (it was afternoon, but he was very tired), and I was lying with my head on his chest. I was apologizing to him for not being the best daughter. I had been a pretty obnoxious teenager and felt I needed to say sorry for that! He told me to stop apologizing, and he said, "You'll never know how special you are." To me, that is such an amazing picture of a parent's love. I am so grateful for the 23 years I had with him, though it was much too short.

I love you, Daddy.


Maria said...

I'm sorry that your dad passed away. He was a handsome man and he sounds like he was a fabulous father and person.

I'm glad that you have such wonderful memories of him.


dd2njoy said...

Your dad must be looking down at you and be soooo proud at what you've become! Because of him being such a great parent,it reflects oh how you are one today!
I only know you through cyberspace
and feel that you are one Exceptional Individual!!!
Thanks to your great parents!
Ten years is a long time,it's been 17 for my dad and 15 for my mom,and it's always so hard,especially at this time of year! Hang in there,and think of the good times which I know you had lots of!!! Hugs to you Shannon!

Steph said...

My dad just passed away June 25th and it was a tremendous loss for me. You were lucky that you were close with him. I am glad that you have so many wonderful memories. Bless your heart.

Nancy Riley said...

Shannon, your tribute to your dad is beautiful and eliquent. He was a handsome guy. Thank you for sharing your memory of him with your stampin' friends.

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful memories of him will last a lifetime. I know he would be so proud of you! ;) I'm glad you had a close relationship and got to spend time together. Thanks for sharing!

Tanja said...

Your dad is so good-looking. I've got tears in my eyes from reading your post.
What a blessing that you all had that happiness together.

tyrymom29 said...

Im so sorry about your dad ....He was a very handsome man ..I had a scare with mine last yr I cant imagine losing him ...... we are a very close family also ..HUGS TO YOU ....Luv SHannon

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you! HUGS TO YOU!! I don't know what it is like to loose someone that close... My father in law is about as close as it get's and even still that is still hard to think that he really is gone...