Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Holiday Photos

I feel a lot better today. We're back into the swing of things, and I actually got some stamping done! But for now, I'll post some photos of our holiday.

My mom and step-dad live in Winfield, British Columbia (just outside of Kelowna). They have a beautiful view of Okanagan Lake from their balcony. Isn't this gorgeous!?

They also have a great yard. It was perfect for the kids to run around and play in. They had so much fun! We had a great time having water fights to beat the heat. You can kind of see Adam behind Daddy in the pool. He had just splashed Daddy and Noah with a bucket of water!

Grandpa took us all out in the boat on Saturday afternoon. Noah wasn't too sure what to think. He enjoyed the first part of the ride, but he cried the whole way back! What fun. I think he just didn't like being confined, plus he was tired. Adam had a great time. He got to help Grandpa drive the boat!

I love this picture of Ian and Noah. We went to the beach down the road from my mom's house and went swimming in the lake. Noah was a little nervous! That's my mom in the background.

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