Monday, August 27, 2007

I Won Bingo!

I actually won Round 2 of Barb's Bingo Challenge last week! We're on Round 3 right now, but I wanted to wait until my prize arrived to announce it so I could show you what Barb sent.

First, here's the beautiful card that Barb made that came with the prize. I love the pretty spring colours and the paper piercing! So cute!

The prize was an assortment of Glitter Stacks paper. Barb sent a whole bunch of 6 x 6 sheets for me. This paper is fantastic! I haven't seen this particular brand before (as I'm a Stampin' Up! girl), but I love it! There is glitter on all the pages so it is pretty and sparkly!

Thank you so much, Barb, for this great prize and for organizing the Bingo. I'm having a blast!

Check out Barb's blog here. She's got some beautiful cards on there, as well as great stories about her life (a particular encounter with a bear comes to mind! *smile*). Isn't this paper great? I'm so excited - I've never won a blogging prize before! I'm off to go play with my new paper!


dd2njoy said...

Good for you Shannon!! Nice paper,have fun with it all!!

Fresh Brewed Faith said...

Congratulations but I just need to know where you find the time to do all these fab projects??? Maybe between 2:30 and 3:30 AM!!!

Well done and I'm loving the ideas.

So Sonya said...

oooh well done!!! I have this stack at home and love it!!!

mum on the run said...

Congrats Shannon!!

elizebeth said...


What fun paper, I love sparklies!