Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a Mess!

Praise the Lord! My husband arrived home last night! And the sweet man that he is, he let me sleep in this morning. What a great husband!

So this afternoon, I was able to get downstairs to my craft area so I could do some stamping. Imagine my concern when I saw what my craft area looked like! I guess I was in denial! I've been stamping here and there when I get a chance, and I hadn't realized what a mess my craft room was!

So this afternoon, instead of stamping, I spent a few hours cleaning and organizing everything. It's just as well - I needed to figure out what I have that's been retired so I can sell it at my New Catalogue Open House on Tuesday, and I found lots of stuff that I had forgotten I even had! (That's probably a sign that I've got way too much stuff!) So now I'm all organized and ready to stamp. My husband even went out and bought me a new lamp for my craft table. (Did I mention he's amazing?) My craft area is in the basement, so there's not a lot of good light down there. He bought me some natural light bulbs for it, so it's much easier to see with.

I never did get around to stamping because by the time I was finished cleaning, my kids were up from their naps and ready to play! I hated coming up from the basement (besides being my craft area, it's nice and cool down there - it's 33 degrees Celsius here today, and stifling hot outside!). Anyway, here's the finished product. I can actually use the table! (Do you like my new lamp? LOL) Hopefully I'll get down there tonight and make some cards!


carrie said...

Great clean up job and what a great space to stamp in. I have to set mine up and take it down each time....

Shelley said...

No body likes a Marthe Stewart you know!!!! Kidding - you're actually making me feel guily about my craft room. However I'm quite blissful in my state of Denial
Did you know that Denial means =
Don't Even No I A, Lying!!!
(ok so No is the wrong NO but it fits!!)

dd2njoy said...

Wow...what a great cleaning job!!
Want to come clean mine???? LOL!!
Nice room,lucky girl!!

Lori Barnett said...

I had to laugh at these pics! My craft area in in my front room...right where everyone can see when they walk in the front door! So I have to "try" and keep my space picked up all the time. I would LOVE to have a basement!! That's heaven right there :)