Monday, July 2, 2007

Nothing's New!

I just thought I'd better check in since I haven't blogged in a couple of days. My husband went out of town Friday after work, and he won't be back until Wednesday. He is a teacher, and is now on summer vacation, but he is working in the mountains for a few days as a mountain guide. When we were in university (back in the day), this was his summer job! He takes tour groups rock climbing, caving, hiking, etc. in the beautiful Rocky Mountains outside of Jasper. His former boss needed some extra help, so he agreed to go out there. I must admit, I am a little jealous! But he loves it so much, so I'm happy for him.

I am exhausted, though, taking care of my two boys by myself. God bless all you single moms out there! I just pray He will give you strength and energy! I haven't had any time for stamping or anything else! I've been running around with a one- and a three-year old. Isn't it funny how they decide to test all the rules when Daddy is out of town (or is that just my kids!)? My three-year-old was up until 11:30 last night (he went to bed at 8:00). He decided it would be fun to run out of his room, turn lights on and off and slam the doors so that his brother woke up crying (several times!). When he finally started settling down, the Canada Day fireworks down the street got him all excited (he could hear all the explosions!). So after he was finally settled, it took me awhile to relax enough so I could sleep too!

Today was better at least. We had a long talk about obeying Mommy and he got treats when he listened (some would call that bribery, I call it necessary measures!). Oh well. My husband will be home in a few days; then they can wrestle and play. I'm always amazed how much boys like to wrestle and rough-house with each other!

In the meantime, here's one of my first attempts at an altered notebook (this one's from several months ago!). I thought I'd better post something! I love this Measure of a Life hostess set (which is now retired). I will miss it. Altered notebooks are really easy. I cut the designer paper to fit the notebook, then sprayed the back of the paper and the notebook with spray adhesive. After it set (about an hour), I put the paper on, then added ribbon and stamped accents.

Forgive my complaining! I just needed to vent! I'm okay now. Hopefully I'll have some time to stamp in the next few days... if not, I'll be back after Wednesday!

Happy stamping!


carrie said...

I don't think it's bribery, it's just creative parenting.

Great notebook! They are such a great gift to give.

Corie said...

Love the notebook, it is so pretty.

dd2njoy said...

By today your husband is back home, poor you! I say the same about single mothers,they are saints.
Your notebook is very nice!TFS!!

dd2njoy said...

Shannon,thank you so much for the beautiful card you sent me! You are so talented,I'm keeping it for myself...I ain't givin' it away,are you silly,lol!!!
Thanks a Bunch,it was so sweet of you!!