Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged and Nominated!

Amy tagged me with this one where you list a fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. My mom actually had considered naming me Pansy, but she chose Shannon Nadine. I have such an Irish name, but not a drop of Irish in me!

Anyway, here goes:

N - Never late (at least I try!). My dad taught me that it is inconsiderate to keep people waiting, and he was always so irritated if I (or someone else) was late that I now always make a point of trying to arrive a few minutes early so as not to be rude.
A - Always tired! I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep since my first son was born almost four years ago! I'm a night person, so I stay up until all hours, but then I like to sleep in late when I can, but with two little boys who are up early, I almost never get the opportunity!
D - Deeply spiritual. I have a personal relationship with Jesus and I love getting to know Him more through the Bible and prayer.
I - Independent - I like to do my own thing and be by myself a lot. I need alone time or I get really grouchy!
N -Nice (at least I hope people think I'm a nice person!)
E - Enthusiastic - when I get excited about something, I go all the way with it (Stampin' Up! anyone?)

Then, Corie nominated me for this Excellent Blogger Award! I'm so flattered.

I know a lot of you have been nominated for this (and deservedly so)! I will pass this award on to some people who have been really encouraging to me, both with their amazing work on their blogs and with their nice comments. Please check out these ladies' blogs because they are wonderful - both their work and the ladies themselves. I'm always so blown away by how nice the stamping blog community is!

Amy, for being such an inspirational, creative, encouraging person.
Diane, for being so positive and encouraging (she was the first person to subscribe to my blog!).
Teri, for all your help and inspiration. You are such a generous person.
Lee (a new blog friend) who is so positive and nice.

There are so many more people who inspire me, so please consider yourself nominated if you haven't been already.


Lee said...

Awww........what a sweet surprise!! I loved reading more about you and I can relate to much of you said!! I'm so thankful I've been able to make new friends thru stamping and blogging that are so nice (see?? you really ARE!!!) and wonderfully gifted!! And I can't give you any false hope......I'm still tired and don't sleep well and mine are teenagers!!! LOL

Diane Lapointe said...

Gee Shannon,Thanks alot!!!! Really,
I was your first subscriber??? And
I keep checking your blog almost everyday,cause I love your work,you are soooo sweet and I am
very pleased to have met you!
Hugs to you Shannon!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks are just too sweet! You are always inspiring and encouraging to me! Love the info from the tag too! Hugs!