Friday, January 11, 2008

More Christmas RAKs!

I wanted to show some more of the Christmas cards I received from my friends and family and my new blog friends. I would have posted them sooner, but they've been displayed on my mantle as they arrived, and I didn't take pictures before. Now that I'm putting away the Christmas decorations, I'll be taking these down (but saving them!). I received lots of hand-made cards this year, which is exciting! Here are some of them; I'll post some more tomorrow.

This first one is from my new blog friend, Teri. I just love the Blush Blossom with Chocolate Chip! Isn't this gorgeous? Thank you so much, Teri!
My friend, Treena, made this next card for me. She's a wonderful lady whom I've gotten to know better this year. She's really become a dear friend to me. I just love all the 3-D parts to this card. She also gave me a hand-stamped candle that is just beautiful (I have to check with her before I post it here!).
Another great blog friend, Amy, sent this festive "Merry" card! Don't you just love the fun colours and stamps? This is so pretty! Thanks, Amy!
This last one is from my wonderful mother-in-law, Margo. I keep telling her to start her own blog, but she's ignoring me! Her cards are so beautiful. She makes tons of cards to sell in our local stores, and she donates all the profits to breast cancer research. She's such an amazing woman.


My Paper World said...

Lucky you! They are all so beautiful! and Wow! yes! Margo should definately start a blog!

Beth Norman said...

RAK's are so much fun. What lovely cards you received.

Anonymous said...

RAK's are so nice...I can't believe with all the Cmas craziness, I forgot to post mine. Ugh! I better do that now! ;)

Jenny said...

Love the use of layers and dimension - I am inspired!
Thank you.