Monday, January 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thank you for all your kind, encouraging words. It sounds like the flu has been striking a lot of people! I hope everyone gets healthy soon.

I was tagged by Amy, so here goes!

Five things I was doing ten years ago:
  1. Teaching kindergarten in Drayton Valley, Alberta
  2. Living in a horribly old two-bedroom apartment with my new DH (we were married in 1997)!
  3. Surviving on my half-time salary while my DH went to school (amazingly, God provided)
  4. Saving up to buy a car (we still drove our cars from high school!)
  5. Exercising every day (because I actually had time to!)
Five things on my to-do list today:
  1. CLEAN the house (since I've been sick for two weeks, I haven't done much!)
  2. Prepare for Bible study tonight.
  3. Cook supper
  4. Do some blogging
  5. Go to bed early!
Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire:
  1. Pay off our house and debts
  2. Give money to charity
  3. Take a nice holiday with my family
  4. Invest in the future
  5. Buy a bigger house with a nice craft room!
Five things I'll never wear again:
  1. Leg warmers
  2. Big back-combed bangs!
  3. a bikini
  4. crop tops
  5. fluorescent colours
Five of my favourite toys:
  1. my stamping stuff
  2. my computer
  3. my DVD player
  4. my piano
  5. did I say my stamping stuff?
Five banes of my existence:
  1. whiny children
  2. housework
  3. migraine headaches
  4. getting up early
  5. noisy neighbours (late at night when you're trying to sleep and their teenagers are partying in the backyard even though it's snowing and really cold out and they're REALLY loud!)
Five more people to tag:
  1. Barb
  2. Shelley
  3. Alex
  4. Diane
  5. Candace


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Shannon...hope you're feeling much better now! Oh, how times have changed...I forgot about fluorescent colors! ;)

Lee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! It's so fun to read these random facts about everyone!! Oh and I'm sooooo with ya on the leg-warmers!! ;)

Lee said...

Oh it would be cool to be linked and I'd love to link your blog to mine also!! Thanks so totally made my day!! :)

Alexandra said...

hi Shannon - I am sooo glad you are feeling better and posting again! You are sweet to tag me....about four posts ago, I listed mine - LOL! I was popular for this tag, teehee!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Shannon, thanks for tagging me. This sounds like an interesting thing to think about and I'll get it done in the next couple of days. Glad you're feeling better, I miss your card posts on Bingo.

Diane said...

Thank you Shannon for tagging me. I'll have to think about those questions! They're good ones. Fun to know a little more about you. And so glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

OK this is going to take some brain power - I'll be thinking over the next couple of days!!


Anonymous said...

I should have said "Thanks"
Shelley - then you'd know who I was lol