Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Candy Time!!!

I just realized that I've hit over 25000 on the counter! You know what that means...Blog candy time!! Thank you to all of you who keep on checking in even though I haven't been posting much lately. Here's what you can win:
There's some assorted 12 x 12 paper, stickers, brads, eyelets, flower embellies, clear stamps and ribbon.

All you need to do for a chance to win is leave me a comment telling me what your plans are for the summer. I'll have random.org select a winner on Sunday, June 8. Please make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you!

As for me, we'll be going to Jamaica for a little family holiday this summer, and I'm so excited! My husband's father is from Jamaica, so my MIL and FIL are taking all their children and grandchildren for a visit to see where he grew up. It should be great for us and our boys. We are so blessed!

While you're in the mood for some blog candy, you will want to head over to Diane's blog and check it out. She has AMAZING creations, and she's offering some yummy candy as well right now.


Amanda said...

Hey, I've never been first!
We're going to Hilton Head, SC in June and Cape Cod, MA in July. The other days I'll try to stay cool with my 4 year old at the local pool. Of course, I hope to get LOTS of scrapbooking and cardmaking done!! :)

minerva said...

I'll be in the shade trying to keep the worst of my hayfever at bay - 21 weeks pregnant, so I'll spend the summer "blooming" or perhaps more approprate "ballooning".
Perhaps a couple of trips to the beach with dd and lots of photo taking.

stampinc said...

Count me in on this sweet celebration candy. Congrats on 25K! Sounds like a fun trip your family will be taking. We just moved from Missouri to Tennessee so we probably won't be taking any big trip this year. We are planning on seeing our oldest daughter in Atlanta, GA. Thanks for a chance at this sweet candy.

Alexandra said...

Oooh, yummy blog candy Shannon - and congrats on the hits, my friend!!! You are very talented and I love ya, so it's no surprise to me! We are going to be vacationing on a houseboat at the lake when my oldest comes home from college - whoohoo!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Linda said...

Sounds like you are going on an awesome vacation. We already went to Traverse City, Mi. and I just got back from Grand Haven. Right now, all we have planned is a trip to Chicago in July.
Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy.
Linda Peterson

Anita said...

Congrats on 25,000! That's wonderful!

We don't get a vacation this summer 'cuz we are going to take a month next spring and spend 2 weeks in Australia before cruising from Sydney, Australia, through the South Pacific and ending up in Honolulu!


Lorri said...

Great blog! Cute kids! Yummy blog candy!

mudmaven said...

Congrats on your hits! WOWZA! I'm going to be in Alaska for a week and in Massachusetts for a week and in between I'll be sailing in Colorado (yes there is great sailing in Colorado!) Have fun in Jamaica. We were there a couple of years ago and it was soooooo wonderful. ~chris

Diane said...

Hey Shannon,Congrats on all those hits!!!! It'll be R&R for us at our camper this summer. We must go on the weekends only cuz hubby already had his 2 weeks in Jan. when we went to Jamaica...you will love it there!!
And with the tx coming up hopefully by next year we have to stay close to home.
Thanks for the chance to win your awesome prize!!!

MANDEE said...

WOW! how much fun your trip is going to be! We are planning on just hanging by the pool this summer and relkaxing! ~Amanda Teel

cricketpe said...

I'm getting married in December, so my plan is to get as much wedding stuff done as possible!

Annelies said...

Since I'm the newest at my work, I had the last choice of vacation period, so I'll be working the whole summer and than after that (probably end September) it'll be my turn for a vacation to a southern european country.

Vicki said...

cool site

kim3timemom said...

My summer will consist of just relaxing and enjoying the break. We homeschool..so summer is such a welcome time. I also get to play with my scrapbooking supplies!! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

kim3timemom@yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 25,000 hits! We are going to D.C. for a week and then just enjoy doing nothing for the summer.


Denise Clark said...

The biggest event this summer will be the birth of my grandson at the end of June. I can't wait. Other than that I will travel a bit to visit family, ride my motorcycle, read, stamp, garden, and of course, spend quality time with family and friends!


techjulia said...

I will be visiting San Antonio, Texas and Chicago this summer. This will be my first time to both of these cities so I am excited to see what they have to offer.
Thanks for all of your cards and tips that you share!

Cindy said...

Gonna take my family to visit family on the Maine coast! Can't wait!

Regina said...

Congratulations on your hits!
We are going to Bremen on seeing my oldest sister and then we drive together to the Nordsee.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Wanda said...

Congratulations on 25,000! Your site is in my favorites! I plan on doing a lot of camping this summer with my family, I just have to figure out how to pack all my stamping stuff with me! This is my first blog candy post!

Andrea said...

Congratulations and thanks for the great blog candy.

My plan for the summer? I´ll having a baby on June the 12. I hope it comes this weekend :o))

Hugs, Andrea

Sunshine said...

You will love Jamaica. We went a few years ago and it is simply beautiful.

We are going to go to the local Tea Room for dress up and high tea. Considering I have a 3 yr. old, it should prove to be wonderful. We are already excited. Have a great summer!

Reality Show Reject said...

Unfortunately, my summer plans consists of working, working and more working! We'll probably go on vacation after summer, as DH's busiest time at work is the summer! Thanks for the chance to win!

Stephanie Earls said...

We usually plan one long trip for the summer but my husband lost 50% of his vision and has been out of work since January. We have taken some great long weekend trips while he has been out. We took our boys up to Bath, NC in February. That is where Blackbeard lived his last days. We took 4 of our children and 2 of their spouses and 3 of our grandchildren to Myrtle Beach, SC for Mother's Day. I don't think we will be going much this summer since he has to go back to work in a couple of weeks. He has recovered some of his vision and is going to try to function in his old position. It seems our whole lives are up in the air right now.

Elaine R said...

Hi there,Great Blog. Congrats on the 25,000 hits.I just recently found your blog and its now in my Favs. My plans this summer are to return to my hometown back East and celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary and my brothers wedding.


Lori Barnett said...

Hey Shannon!! Looks like some yummy goodies ya got there :)

Summer plans?! What's THAT! LOL I can't imagine going anywhere away from the heat of Phoenix Arizona!! Why would I want to go anywhere! ha ha ha. Actually nothing planned for us at the moment. I have DD enrolled in swim lessons. I plan on making LOTS of stamp "things" and making some jewelry (yep...another fun thing I do) That's pretty much it. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog! Always good to hear from the ol' timers :) ha ha ha. 25,000 hits!! WOW!!

Rebecca said...

I hadn't a doubt in the world you'd get to 25K! I'll be doing some Master Gardener stuff, visiting family, going to see a couple of Mariners games, then working up to a trip to NYC in September to see the Yankees play before they tear down Yankee Stadium. I hope I see some ghosts, along with the all the regular NYC sites.


Maria said...

Hi Shannon!

Whoohoo! Congatulations on your 25,000 hits and thank you for offering the wonderful blog candy!!

Well, my only major plan for the summer is to clean out my garage like the show "Clean House"! LOL! Boring, huh! Actually, I'm very excited about it because I've been wanting to do it for a long time!!

Anyway, keep the wonderful blog and your lovely creations!!